spay and neuter clinic colorado springs

Spay & Neuter

spay and neuter clinic colorado springs

Spay and Neuter Clinic in Colorado Springs, CO

When you get your pet spayed or neutered you ensure they’ll live a longer, healthier life. A lack of pet spay and neuter carries significant drawbacks for you, your loyal companion and the overall animal population. Getting a female pet spayed before they reach sexual maturity frees them from stressful heat cycles. In males and females, urine spraying and marking is either reduced or eliminated from this surgery. Both dogs and cats can have numerous litters throughout a lifetime and when those litters are not spayed and neutered, thousands of animals are brought into the world. Pet spaying and neutering reduces the need for animal shelters and gives pets an overall better quality of life. Call Animal Hospital of Colorado Springs at (719) 579-9488 to learn more!

Spaying and Neutering Gives Numerous Benefits

Your companion animal receives a myriad of medical and behavioral benefits when you get them spayed or neutered. The likelihood for certain cancers is either reduced or eliminated with pet spay and neuter. Roaming behavior, when your pet’s natural instinct tells them to wander far and wide searching for a mate, is also either reduced or eliminated. Other benefits include:

  • Females are less likely to develop breast tumors, which are potentially deadly in many animals.
  • Males are less likely to develop issues with their prostate gland.
  • The chances for testicular cancer is eliminated in males.
  • Less unwanted pregnancies and litters.
  • Males are less likely to mount other animals, which can result in altercations.

What to Expect from Spay and Neuter Surgery

Pet spay and neuter is a routine procedure for us at our animal hospital in Colorado Springs. Our experienced care and high surgical standards allows us to monitor your pet’s comfort and vitals throughout their stay. You shouldn’t give your furry friend any food or water at least twelve hours before their scheduled surgery time. We also ask that you give them a quiet, comfortable place to recover for a minimum of 24 hours afterwards. Other pets should be left in a separate room. Please check the incision site daily and contact us if you see any unusual swelling, redness or discharge. We look forward to performing your pet spay and neuter surgery!

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