Dr. Dan Muelhaupt

Dr. Dan was enrolled in a dual professional degree program at Virgina-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine and joined our team in July 2016. In addition to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree; Dr. Dan is also a candidate for a Master of Public Health in Infectious Disease through Virginia Tech and received his Bachelor of Science in Zoology at North Carolina State University. In veterinary medicine, he has interested in soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, and dentistry. He also has interest in exotics/poGket pet medicine. He particularly enjoys working with pet owners in educating about health, preventative medicine, and managing chronic conditions, and building the human-animal bond. Dr. Dan has a deep love of educating and mentorship in Veterinary Medicine. He is always happy to discuss medicine in great detail and deeply desires that his patient’s owners fully understand any diagnosis or treatment.

Dr. Dan and his wife Kat have a number of pets including an Akita named Hashi, a black lab named Rue, 3 cats named Tot, Richard, and Yarns, 16 chickens and a Beta fish (named Poutine). Dr. Dan is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, fishing, and more! When he is not working in the hospital he can often be found tinkering on projects in his wood shop or somewhere off in the wilderness.