x-rays of dog teeth

Professional Pet Dental Cleanings

After our veterinarians complete an oral examination during a pet’s annual medical checkup, they may prescribe a professional dental cleaning, depending on the condition of the patient’s teeth. A professional dental cleaning is performed under anesthesia, for the pet’s safety, and includes removal of tartar and plaque, scaling of teeth, polishing, and possibly the extraction of diseased teeth, if needed. Our pet dentals are very similar to the dental cleaning that your dentist performs on you.

At-Home Pet Dental Maintenance
in Colorado Springs, CO

Our veterinary team recommends regular oral maintenance between professional dental cleanings. One pet dental cleaning per year is not enough for a pet! For your convenience, we provide a number of outstanding dental products, including the Healthy Advantage and Aquadent lines. We recommend regular tooth brushing for pets, and our technicians can educate you on proper brushing techniques. For pets who do not submit well to tooth brushing, there are other options available to you. Call our veterinary team at (719) 579-9488. We would be happy to discuss those with you if you have questions and concerns regarding cat or dog teeth cleaning procedures.

dog brushing teeth