Lawn Care Tips

We all want our lawns to look lush and green. Be sure if you’re using any fertilizers or lawn care products that you follow the instructions precisely and ensure that your pets are safe from any harsh chemicals.

Also, There are options like pet-friendly fertilizer and weed killers that will put your mind at ease about the possibility of your pet getting sick. Contact us today with any questions!


Pet Safety Tips for Barbecue and Picnic Season

It’s time for barbecues and picnics! We want to remind you to keep your pet away from the grill, as it can be knocked over, which may cause major burns and injury to your pet. We want spring celebrations to be fun!

Also, keep your pets away from the food prepared for your guests, and remind guests to properly dispose of their scraps so your pet can’t get into it.

Dog Safety Tips for Memorial Day

Like many Americans, you may be planning a festive Memorial Day, complete with barbecue and fireworks. It’s important to remember, fireworks and dogs don’t mix.


Unlike people, dogs won’t associate the noise, flashes, and burning smell of pyrotechnics with a celebration. Fireworks will often cause panic and anxiety in dogs. It’s important to remember that dogs panic at the sound of fireworks and flee into the night, often winding up lost, injured, or killed.

Here are some tips to help keep your pet safe this Memorial Day.

  1. Keep your pet indoors at all times, if possible.
  2. Use Pet Friendly Repellent.
  3. Don’t give your pet table food.




Army soldier combats loneliness with “the perfect dog”

As a young Army soldier, Frank was not prepared for the loneliness he faced when he and his wife were relocated by the military to a place where the pair had no family or friends. In true Army strong spirit, he battled the blues by adopting a homeless hound who would become “the perfect dog.

A passion to serve

In 2012, Frank joined the United States Army as a Watercraft Engineer. After attending basic training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina, he and his wife relocated to Newport News, Virginia, where Frank is stationed at the sprawling Joint Base Langley-Eustis. It was pure heart that inspired him to join the armed forces.

“It has always been a dream and passion of mine,” he says. “I believe if you ever really want something in life you do it, and I am glad I joined and am able to live this experience.”

Although still early into his Army career, Frank recalls one of the most memorable experiences he has had as a soldier: twice being part of the Fort Eustis funeral detail.

“It was a very humbling experience to be able to render military honors to our fallen soldiers.”

Giving a second chance to last chance pets

Frank soon confronted one of the challenging realities of military life: moving somewhere new and having no family or friends nearby. To make matters worse his wife was traveling for work, which meant more often than not Frank faced an empty home when he left work each day.

It didn’t take long for a bad case of the blues to set in.

“I was feeling down and lonely due to my wife traveling for work and having no family in Virginia,” Frank says. “I knew adopting a pup would be the perfect solution to my loneliness. I could give it a loving home and attention.”

While browsing adoptable pets available through shelters in his community, Frank learned about Pets for Patriots, a nationally operating charity that creates life-saving opportunities for veterans to adopt homeless dogs and cats. Its local adoption partner, Portsmouth Humane Society, offers the charity’s members a 20% adoption fee discount. Pets for Patriots provides a range of other benefitsthat help make pet adoption more affordable for veterans and military personnel who adopt the most overlooked shelter dogs and cats.

That sealed the deal for Frank, who was inspired by the charity’s mission and message.

“The reason I chose adopt through Pets for Patriots,” he says, “is because they help military members such as myself and give an opportunity to last chance pets.”

Beagle mix helps Army soldier beat the blues

When Frank visited the Portsmouth Humane Society he met a then three year-old Beagle/Labrador mix. Named Gilliam at the time, she has since been renamed Samantha – Sammy or Sam for short.

It was love at first sight for both man and dog.

“Ever since the first day I met my pup Sam and she came right to me, I knew I was meant to bring her home with me,” says Frank.

Gone are the days of leaving work for an empty home, and the Army soldier’s feelings of loneliness are a thing of the past.

“She has made me very happy; I couldn’t have asked for a better dog,” Frank beams. “I look forward to coming home because I know she is excited to see me.”

While Sam gives her veteran countless reasons to smile, Frank most enjoys how “she wags her little tail” when he comes home from work. True to her breeds, Sam is obedient, lovable – even silly. As a bonus, she “loves to cuddle.”

For Frank, Sam is the total package. The perfect dog.

“I am glad I chose to adopt because I found the perfect dog anyone could ever have. I feel so lucky to have my pup Sam,” he says, and encourages other veterans to adopt through Pets for Patriots as well. “Do it! You won’t regret it. They are really so helpful, I’m sure they will find a pup as amazing as my Sam.”

By choosing pet adoption, this Army veteran rid his life of loneliness and – at the same time – saved the life of an animal that gives him untold joy. Now with Sam in his life, Frank can better cope with the inevitable ups and downs that are typical of military life.

“I can’t imagine my life without her; I love my Sammy,” says Frank. “It is true when they say a dog is a man’s best friend.”

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Chip Your Pet Month

Loosing a pet is one of the worst experiences a pet owner can experience.  That is why we recommend microchipping your pet and registering it 100% of the time.

Is your pet microchipped? Microchipping your pet is the best way to ensure that you will be reunited with your pet in the event that you are separated.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment to microchip your pet.