Preventive Pet Care

Regular Pet Preventive Care

At the Animal Hospital of Colorado Springs, we provide complete life stage preventive care for your furry family member. We recommend annual visits for adult pets and biannual visits for senior pets, who are over the age of seven. Pet preventative care can alert us to any underlying medical conditions your loyal companion may be suffering from. Senior pets are especially susceptible to developing issues rapidly, making regular check-ups twice a year that much more important.

Thorough Preventative Care Visits

Pet preventative care visits at the Animal Hospital of Colorado Springs consist of a complete physical examination from nose to tail. This includes looking over ears, eyes, nose, mouth, skin, and toes, as well as basic functions of the heart, lungs, and joints. Some of the other things we look for include:

Depending on what we learn about your pet’s health, we may order advanced diagnostics to pinpoint medical conditions even further.

Discussing Your Pet’s Care

Sometimes it can be confusing to know when you should get certain essential services done for your pet. A pet preventative care visit is a good time to get more information about dental cleanings, vaccinations, and spay and neuter. We want to nurture not just the bond between you and your pet, but also between you and your veterinarian. The preventative care visit gives us a time to individualize your service at the Animal Hospital of Colorado Springs and come up with a detailed game plan about how we’ll be caring for your pet. We encourage you to make a preventative care visit for a new pet, so we can check their overall health and recommend needed vaccinations they may not have yet. Contact us to schedule your pet’s preventative care visit!