Our Staff

At the Animal Hospital of Colorado Springs, our staff is the best! We are pleased to introduce you to our highly-qualified and deeply compassionate veterinary team. Meet them below:

Michelle – Practice Manager

Michelle has been a part of our team since March 2005, and in May of 2015, she took over as the practice manager. She is excited to learn about another aspect of the veterinary hospital. She began working in veterinary hospitals in 2001 after completing the veterinary assistant course through Pima Medical Institute, where she obtained her Veterinary Assistant Certification. She loves being there for clients whether it’s helping to keep their pets healthy or helping their pets feel better.

Michelle’s hobbies include spending time with family and friends, hiking, and reading a good book. Her family includes her husband, Mark; their sons Raylen and Everett; a Pointer/Lab mix named Halligan; and 2 cats, Milkshake and Flynn.

Ashley – Receptionist

Ashley joined our team in January 2017. She’s a graduate of Kansas State University – where she studied Business Administration in General Management and graduated at the young age of 21, and decided to pursue a career in the veterinary field because of her great love of animals. Ashley is hard working, reliable, and loves to meet the different people who come into our practice with their pets every day. Ashley and her husband, Tyler, have two dogs: a cattle dog named Lily, and a husky German Shepherd mix named Arty. In her free time, Ashley loves to spend time with her friends and family.

Meghann – Receptionist

Meghann has been a part of our team since July 2015. She has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Phoenix. One of her favorite experiences on the job was helping to save kittens after a C-section. Her true passion lies with providing care to animals and being able to help their people. Her family consists of her husband Jake and her son Aaron, as well as their cats, Yrgritte and GG, and their dogs, Luigi, Maven, Bella, Gunnar, and Anna.

Haylie – Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

Haylie, who attended Auburn University, will be transferring to Penn Foster in the fall of 2016 to study to be a veterinary technician. As a certified medical assistant, Haylie has experience in phlebotomy and laser therapy for pain management. Additionally, she is proud to share her experience helping to save puppies after an emergency C-section. She loves animals and her favorite part of her job is being able to interact with them daily. She makes her life with her husband Nick and their pets Gunner (Sharpei), Juno (terrier mix), Dexter (cat), and Moe (cat). Her hobbies include hiking, playing volleyball, watching movies, and cooking.

Jamie – Lead Technician and CVT

Jamie, who attended Pima Medical Institute to become a veterinary technician joined our team in July of 2012. She loves working with her friends at the animal hospital and also getting to know each of the pets that come through our doors. She makes her home with her husband Brenden and their son Noah. Their pets include Koleton, a Lab, Daisy, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, and 5 cats named Cassey Cat, Casheous Claw, Mitter Mitt, Ms. Pooper, and Meatball. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, going on hikes, and taking her son to the zoo.

Peggy – Veterinary Technician

After earning her veterinary assistant certificate from Pima Medical Institute, Peggy joined our team in September 2007. After working in retail for years, she made the best decision of her life to change her career path to the veterinary field. She loves being able to interact with clients and their pets on a daily basis, and she enjoys being able to help out with different procedures, such as dentals. She has an adult daughter named Brittany and 2 cats named Sebastian and Muska. When she isn’t working, she enjoys walking, hiking, and reading.

Sheila – Veterinary Assistant

After attending college at the Florida Community College of Jacksonville, Sheila joined our team in December 2015. She earned her laser therapy certificate, qualifying her to assist in pet pain management. She loves meeting new people and pets and getting to work with animals every day. She also enjoys educating pet owners on the importance of keeping their pets healthy. She makes her home with her husband Lee, son Jamison, 2 cats Bug and Pook, and 2 dogs Faith and Lucius. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with family.

Desiree – Veterinary Assistant

Desiree earned her associate’s degree and veterinary assistant certification from Pima Medical Institute and joined our team in March 2015. She’s had a lot of interesting experiences in the field, including finding a very rare kidney worm egg. She has always wanted to have a career in which she had the opportunity to make a difference. Since animals can’t speak, she enjoys being their voice and helping them. She makes her home with her partner Allison and her son Michael, and her pets include Addison, a golden retriever, Princess, a corgi, Moose, an English bulldog, Norbert, a Pekingese, and Checkers and Harley, ferrets. She enjoys spending time with her son and reading.

Christina – Veterinary Assistant

Christina, who has been with our team since June 2016, attended Pima Medical Institute where she earned her Associates in veterinary technology as well as certifications in veterinary assistance, dog and cat first aid, and CPR. She was always interested in animals as a kid and she enjoys working with them and their owners now. Christina and her husband Robert have a family of pets including a dog Alfie and 3 cats, Tory, Louie, and Caesar. When she isn’t working, Christina loves being outside hiking, camping, and fishing.

Devin – Veterinary Assistant

Devin joined our team in March of 2017. She attended Pima Medical Institute, where she received an associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology, and her Veterinary Assistant certificate. Devin’s love of animals and her interest in the medical field are what inspired her to pursue a career in the veterinary field. She loves being part of our team, and meeting new people and their pets every day. Devin has one daughter named Haiden-Rae, two cats named Cleo and Foxy, and two rats named Dory and Donut. In her free time, she loves spending time with her daughter, being outdoors, and getting creative with arts and crafts.

Amye – Kennel Attendant

Amye joined our practice in October of 2016. She holds a Veterinary Assistant Certificate that she obtained from the Pima Medical Institute, and she loves animals. Amye says that her favorite part about working at the practice is getting to know all of our four-legged clients, and making a difference in their lives. Amye and her husband, Joe, are proud parents of a Lab-Pitbull mix named Kong, She loves to spend as much time as she can with them, as well as hiking, shopping, and watching movies.