Pet Counseling Services in Colorado Springs

Counseling Services

At the Animal Hospital of Colorado Springs, we provide counseling services for our clients.

Pet Behavioral Counseling

Behavioral issues with your pet may be both challenging and frustrating, that’s why our veterinarians and staff are committed to helping! We can provide behavior counseling to identify any underlying health problems and to tackle any training issues.

We also recommend Sarah Fricke with Colorado Dog Works for new pet owners who are looking for assistance with dog training in Colorado Springs.

Pet Nutritional Counseling

When we complete your pet’s annual physical examinations, our veterinarians will always discuss nutritional concerns with you. We believe that nutrition is a critical aspect of your pet’s health. We can advise you on the best choice for a well-balanced diet that supports your pet’s particular health needs. We also offer the option of prescription diets that can be used in place of or in conjunction with traditional medications for a variety of health conditions.